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Nano Create

Fill your social feeds with authentic, original content
Talented creators make your social content for you. Buy the videos you like with one click.



Program size

~10 creators

Typical cost / post




How it works

Invite creators to create videos to your brand's brief

Get submissions on your dashboard

Instantly license videos you want to use



Where do I find Creators to work with?

We have a network of creators across the world you are free to check out and invite to your program when you start. We also recommend looking at your own followers, and if you have an Insta Drops program already live - invite them to join this too, many will post on multiple platforms.


What kind of content do the Creators make?

Creators will create loopable video, in a 9:16 portrait format. In other words - TikToks, Instagram Reels and Snaps.


How much does each piece of content cost?

You set the price that you want to pay for content, and everyone on your program gets paid the same. Bear in mind, brands who pay more per video tend to attract more talented Creators who put more effort into their videos!


How do I buy a video?

Creators who join your program agree the program terms up front - leaving you to buy the perpetual digital rights to the video across all channels, including paid ads.


Is all the content original?

None of the submissions already exist on social media and have been created specifically for your program (as per the Creator terms). Content is submitted in a raw file format, such as MP4. Ready for you to upload to social media yourself.

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Insta Drops

100s of fans posting about you every month #great
Scale your fan generated content quickly. Leave the messaging, post tracking and analytics to us.


Grid & Story

Program size

30-100+ fans

Target CPE

£0.12 / engagement

Monthly gift


Example posts from Paws fan program
Paws.com logo

Because Insta Drops pretty much runs itself, it takes our team just 2 days per month to monitor and manage. We love it!

If you’ve got a dog or cat account with over 1,000 followers, apply to join Paws Pets!

Emma Cully
Marketing Manager, Paws.com

Thread logo

We had been running our Nano Influencer program for 9 months before we discovered Insta Drops.

We went from manual messaging and spreadsheets to everything being automated, it’s saved me so much time I can’t even count it.

Sophie Crouchman
Marketing Manager - Influencers, Thread

How Insta Drops works

Fans sign up

Connect Instagram & Messenger

Brands manage on a dashboard

Get real-time fan and post metrics

Drag sliders to calculate ROI

  • Number of fans
  • Average followers / fan
  • Average engagement rate
  • Gift cost (to brand)
  • Earned media value CPM
    £20 CPM
Monthly estimates
  • Gift spend
  • DRPCRD fee
  • Grid & Story impressions
  • Earned media value
  • Cost per engagement
  • #x
    Return on investment (ROI)



How do I find brand fans?

We recommend brands start right on your profile at first - your fans follow you already! Some brands invite their most frequent customers to join, or influencers they already work with. We can help you shortlist and invite hundreds of fans from your own followers and beyond - just ask us about it.


How do I invite fans to my program?

We provide every brand program with a branded application page, where fans can connect their Instagram profiles to apply. All applications go straight to your dashboard where you can review each one.


Do fans need an Instagram Creator account?

Every fan needs a Professional Instagram account, which takes 2 minutes to do (if they haven’t already). On Instagram, you can choose between being a Creator or a Business. Both are fine with us. We have a full guide for fans to get their profiles ready.


Can I track and attribute sales?

We automatically generate each fan a unique promo code, which you’re free to edit and set up on your e-commerce platform (or not - up to you). You can send them to each fan with a press of a button in the dashboard, saving you from messaging each person. We’re working on an integration with Shopify to track sales and basket amounts within our platform.


How quickly can I get set up?

We can get a program set up in a day! Programs run on monthly cycles so give yourself a couple of weeks to set up and invite people to join, ready to hit the ground running on the 1st of the month.

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Simple pricing

No setup fees or minimum terms


Fan posts on Instagram

Insta Drops

Manage your fan program from a single automated platform. We'll help you recruit your first 25 fans.

£495 up to 50 fans / month
£995 up to 200 fans / month

Grid & Story

Get started on TikTok

Nano Create

Buy 5, 10, or 20 TikTok ready videos a month from talented creators. Fill your feed or promote as TikTok Spark Ads.

From £1,500 / month
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