Rock, paper, scissors
Server-wide RPS played across creator and streamer Discord servers. Everyone plays against the bot, the winner takes a prize drop.
That! OR That!
Beyonce OR Rihanna? Speak to all animals OR Speak all languagues? Apex OR Fortnite? Important questions each day. A random participant wins a prize drop.

Well done to the team who have landed a brand first with Flipz on the DRPCRDย platform ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

Graham Phelan

Campaign Manager Shopper Marketing, pladis Global

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๐ŸŽฎ Reach Gen-Z
โ€จBe front of mind in Discord, the place where 16-24 year olds get together
๐Ÿค– Verified Bot
DRPBot is one of only 7,000 bots on Discord with verified safe status
๐Ÿ› ๏ธ Custom games
โ€จCommission a fully branded game bot to support your campaign


Where do people play your games?


Our games live as bots on Discord, people add them to their servers every day to play things like Rock, Paper, Scissors or use them as their own giveaway bots.

How are games linked to drops?


When we play branded games, we create a network of servers to play on and award game winners prizes - provided by you. This can be high value prizes, product samples, or a mix of both. Better prizes naturally get more people playing. When people win, they go through the same simple process that Creator drops use, with our mobile passes.

What does sponsorship look like?


Brands can either sponsor one of our current games or we can work together and build a bespoke branded game too. Branded games include fully branded graphics, gifs and a renaming of the bot during the campaign. With bespoke games, we can work together to make the game theme and mechanic align with your brand - we provide all support and hosting for bespoke games too.

Which servers do you play on?


Our game bot lives on hundreds of servers across Discord - but branded games are played on selected servers with high engagement and a high standard of moderation for users. Most servers we play on for brands are run by Creators, and we can drive people to play Discord games via Creatorโ€™s social channels for an extra boost.

How can you target particular countries?


From a technical point of view we canโ€™t target countries on Discord. What we do instead is work with country-specific Creators and their servers, and use messaging to make sure players know prizes are only available in particular countries. Our pass system also ensures players outside the target country canโ€™t redeem prizes.

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