Creator fan program
A fan gets access to their favourite creator’s drops (like early access to merch) + brand drops

Drop types

📣 Shout-out drops
Get your brand drops in the hands of Gen-Z via creator shout-outs
📡 LIVE drops
Be the drop partner for a creator on Instagram Live, streaming on Twitch, on TikTok, Discord, or Clubhouse
📱 SMS drops
Choose which fans you want to send a drop to. Sent via text with no creator content. Coming soon.

Drop on any platform

Work with your existing creators or new talent


How do creator drops work?


Creator drops are a mix of creator content and sampling. Creators promote your drop on their channels (e.g. via Instagram stories, Twitch etc) and drive people to claim it via a branded landing page. Our platform collects data, processes claims and sends out coupons - and we can match your brand to the right creators through our network.

Does DRPCRD help with fulfilment?


We work with UK-based fulfilment providers and pass any mailing costs straight onto brands. We are setting up US and EU-based fulfilment based on client requests. We always encourage brands to make their mail outs as interesting and ‘gram-able’ as possible.

How much do creator drops cost?


We can provide ‘shopping list’ pricing estimates for ballpark budgets, but every brief is priced bespoke. This is because each campaign involves different creators, drop volumes and redemption mechanics.

Do I need to pay for content?


From January 2022 we will be launching a fixed-price product called SMS drops. Fans can hear about drops via SMS, not creator content, and will provide a pure sampling-focused product for brands.

How can I track the success of my drop?


Every drop involves fans getting a ‘creator pass’ on their mobile phone. This means we know some basic demographic information about everyone who redeems a drop (and can age gate a drop). After drops are sent out, brands can survey anyone who redeemed via our fan surveys, to track things like product feedback, likeliness to purchase and ask for product reviews. Every campaign includes a post-campaign report.

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